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Members of Silver Brigade volunteer at the local Hindu temple as part of their dementia personal care plan


Care is part of our everyday life, from birth to death. An intimate and vulnerable experience arising at different moments of life. Yet, our Systems of Care are based on unequal relationships and social injustice.


Since 2022 we’re co-organisers of the Social Forum of Care in Catalunya. A citizen-driven, participatory space to connect, reflect upon and shape a new Care Manifesto for an equitable, fair and dignified National Care System - connecting healthcare, social care and education. In the 1st phase of the Forum we organized more than 11 virtual workshops amongst professional and non-professional caregivers, people with care needs, experts and activists working in innovative models of Care to identify challenges and needs.

In the 2nd phase we gathered more than 250 people to co-create a common demand in terms of policy policies to bring Care back to the center of social and political organization. Currently we’re working on the foundation of a Social Network to work together towards real social transformation. 


We’re collaborating with local research, activists and grass-roots stakeholders in Catalunya. Including: Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat Rovira i Virgili de Tarragona,Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Coopolis, La Ciutat Invisible, Col·lectiu Punt 6, La Colla Cuidadora and UOC CareNet.


Have a look at the Forum Social de la Cura website and this video that nicely exposes the experience of our first in-person gathering.





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