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The Care Lab is a mission-driven design practice based in Barcelona aiming to transform the experience of Care from birth to death. We are partnering up with various organisations nationally and internationally to redesign the systems of care using our design skills and knowledge. 
For more information please check out our website and read some of our latest articles, including our Manifesto. 

Currently we are looking for  full-time Design Interns 

to support our team.

Job description:

Design Intern


What you can expect from this internship: 

  • To learn how to apply Service Design and Design Thinking methodologies to complex social problems like Care.

  •  To improve your skills in designing, organising and facilitating participatory workshops with different stakeholders related to the Care Challenge we’re trying to address.

  •  To give support in designing visual materials and journeys needed to support our projects. 

  •  To be involved in strategic discussions around the Care Challenges we are addressing through our projects.

  •  To learn how to work as a small-effective multidisciplinary team. 

  •  Getting a close-up insight into how a mission-driven design practice works and.. likely become a Care Activist.



  • At least BA level

  • Languages: English (required) , Catalan (required) , Spanish (preferred) ,

  • Location: Presential in Barcelona 

  • At least 6 months duration for the internship (September 2024 - February 2025)


Please consider applying if creating a caring society matters to you, and you would like to contribute your design skills and personal values to the transformational work that we do.


Work agreement:

We will agree on framework of agreement and remuneration for the duration of the internship individually.


Please include in your application:

  • CV & Portfolio 

  • What does Care mean for you? A brief visual expression of what Care means for you.


We look forward to hearing from you! 

Please send your application pack to 


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