Stamp designed, so teams can easily personalise off the shelf boxes, making them   more appropriate for the occasion of picking up belongings of a loved one. 


Packing up the belongings of a family member is usually one of the most unpleasant tasks when you lose a loved one. However, Care organisations such as hospitals or elderly homes rarely take the time or have the sensitivity to accompany families in such emotional moments. 


As a continuation of our Hospitable Hospice project we developed Memorybox, a new ritual for elderly homes to offer a dignified and respectful way for families to pack and take away the last possessions of a deceased relative. Memorybox can be personalised using stamps and offered in various sizes. Once the last belongings are packed, the Care Team (nurses, social workers, volunteers and doctors) organises a small ceremony in which they share the last memories and digital photos of the loved one with the family.

In partnership with the Lien Foundation

St. Joseph's Home, Singapore