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As citizens we rarely have a voice in designing the Care that we receive. Even if we had the chance, we may not have the confidence to do so.
There is no formal or informal meeting place for Care professionals and families beyond consultation rooms, schools or community offices for exchanging ideas beyond the limitations of complaint forms.
Because of the complexity of Care, those providing it miss the mindset, the support or the time for shaping Care together with their patients, students or clients; but those receiving it also overlook the own power to transform it. The result? Unaddressed needs, a lack of ownership or commitment to the plan and compromised outcomes.

In recent times the need to work collaboratively with other disciplines and sectors has emerged. But now it’s time to take one step forward and add citizens and informal caregivers into the team.
How can we bring in participation into the DNA of services providing relevant platforms, tools, skills training or co-design activities to build a common vision of Care?
How can we facilitate this shift by making sure patients, caregivers and Care professionals are on the same page? How can we encourage families to collaborate to design better Caring environments for our future generations?






Currently, we’re involved in initiating the 1st Social Forum of Care in Catalunya. A citizen-driven, participatory space to connect, reflect upon and shape a new Care Manifesto for an equitable, fair and dignified National Care System - connecting healthcare, social care and education. 

We’re also part of The Patient Revolution Fellows. A volunteering community aiming to transform the healthcare system towards a Careful and Kind Care experience.

In the Social Forum of Care initiative, we’re collaborating with local research, activist and grass-roots stakeholders in Catalunya. Including Universitat de BarcelonaUniversitat Rovira i Virgili de Tarragona,Universitat Autònoma de BarcelonaCoopolisLa Ciutat InvisibleCol·lectiu Punt 6La Colla Cuidadora and UOC CareNet.

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